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Fish Report 12/21/19

Fish Report 12/21/19 
A Shorty: Opening more long sea bass trips:
Monday 12/23/19 - Friday 12/27 & Saturday 12/28/19  
All 3 Trips Sea Bass - 6AM to 5 PM - $140.00 - Limit 20 Anglers (eliminating 5 spots - 3,7,13,17, & 23 for even more room fishing..) 
Reservations Now Open. 
(**Seriously - I mean LONG runs! Seabass Are Moving Offshore! Don't like a long boat ride? Don't Go!) 

Will Begin Announcing Tog Trips Soon In These Reports. 

Lots & Lots of weather cancellations lately. Right pain in the neck! Have a reservation? Keep your phone on & Check Messages! 
When we CAN get out, however, sea bass fishing's been kind. Some limits or all limits except for 12/21 Saturday! (Sakes..) We're still allowed 15 cbass at 12.5 inches along DelMarVa. 

Reservations Required at 410 520 2076 - LEAVE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE CONTACT NUMBER - Weather Cancellations Are Common - I Make Every Attempt To Let Clients Sleep In If The Weather's Not Going Our Way..

Be a half hour early! We always leave early!
..except when someone shows up right on time.
Clients arriving late will see the west end of an east-bound boat. With a limited number of reserved spots, I do not refund because you overslept or had a flat..

It's boots season! Fishing the back half of the boat? Waterproof boots highly advised unless flat calm.. 

Bonine Is Cheap Insurance! "Natural Dramamine" Does NOT Work!
It's Simple To Prevent Motion Sickness, Difficult To Cure.  If You Suffer Mal-de-Mer In A Car You Should Experiment On Shorter Half-Day Trips First..

Bring A Cooler With Ice For Your Fish – A 48 Quart Is Fine For 2 People. We have some loaner coolers aboard - You'd Still Need Ice. 
No Galley! BYO Sandwiches & Soft Drinks. A few beers in cans is fine. (bottles break at bad times)

If You Won't Measure & Count Your Fish The State Will Provide A Man With A Gun To Do It For You. We Measure & Count — ALWAYS — No Exceptions!

Holiday Greetings!! 
Weather looks mighty fine for some more cbassing. Have to go! 
Am working on a report (still!) that I hope will drive a bunch of nails in MRIP's coffin. 
At the last Council/Commission meeting they ignored MRIP's accusations that we'd gone over (as ever with MRIP recreational catch estimates) ..far above our quota for sea bass, scup, & summer flounder. 
We could have been all but closed on all three from Virginia north.. 
Joint Council/Commissio meeting instead went with "Status Quo" — same quotas as last year. 
Regulators won't say as much but this has to mean they have no faith in MRIP's catch data whatever. 
They shouldn't. 

We need to act soon - write en mass - if we are to seize this moment. 
There's absolutely no reason regulators couldn't calculate catch using the old system - MRFSS - which I and others fought to have repaired in the early/mid 2000s. 
Bad as it was, it's a lot better than its replacement - MRIP. 
Stay tuned.. 
And enjoy Christmas!! 

Capt. Monty Hawkins 
Partyboat Morning Star 

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