Monday, March 26, 2007

Fish Report 3/26/07

Fish Report 3/26/07
Inspection's Done
Goin' Fishin!
Hi All,
The Coast Guard inspection went very well. No Worries! Lots and lots of work to get there though...
I'd imagine most are unfamiliar with the layers of paperwork and government regulation that go into a party boat operation - I'm pretty sure you'd rather keep it that way!
Just for instance though -and a tiny, tiny part of it- there are 79 batteries aboard that have been changed and dated with a magic marker ~ everything has to be up to snuff.
It's done; we're ready to fish. The fish may not be ready though! Tog fishing is never at the pace of a decent cbass trip. Tog'll bite hot once in a while. It's far more often that a fussy one will nudge your crab around for a few minutes and STILL not take it - that's if you didn't twitch and scare the tar of it...
Eh, hasn't been too unkind, been seeing a few pretty tog. I'll go tommorrow through Sunday, the 27th through April 1st - Friday, 3/30 is already booked - Tog Trips - 15 people sells out the rail - 7am to 3pm - Crabs Provided - Reservations Required.
Perhaps some have seen April's National Geographic, "Saving the Sea's Bounty".  Some scary stuff in there, but I certainly thought the first full paragraph on P. 98 was interesting ~ and that from a fisheries expert... Very much in line with what I've been trying to point out to any and all in our region's fisheries.
Good News ~ The Reef Dinner is Wednesday, May 2nd from 5-8 p.m. at Hall's Restaurant. I don't know how many years the Hall Family has been putting on this Reef Foundation benefit, Ten? More? They treat for the whole thing - Very Kind!
A big part of the all you care to eat Italian Buffet fundraiser is the various auctions. If you have something you'd like to contribute, say a new set of roofing shingles*, that would be great! You can contact Marta, Greg or myself. The website is (*just kidding Mike)
Going Fishin'
See you on the rail,
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservations 410 520 2076

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