Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fish Report 3/21/07

Fish Report 3/21/07
Side Scan Ghosts - Heartbreak Hotel
& Goin' Fishin'
Hi All,
Dicey with an easterly wind - but it's only 10 knots. The forecast has been holding a light east on Saturday for a few days, we'll see. Saturday 3/24/07 - Tautog trip - 15 people sells out - crabs provided - Reservations Required @ 410-520-2076. If you do book, leave the very best phone number to reach you with. Dogoned easterly; if it's light it's beautiful - rolls around to the north a hair; look out!
The water temp has jumped up almost a full degree. All we'll have to do is anchor over 'em and stand back as they jump in the boat.
Ohhh, I don't think so!
I actually anticipate a tough early season bite.
We got out Monday with a light rail. One guy took a limit and a few others sure could have. The score was tied; twenty-one went by the rail sporting a yellow tag and 21 stayed in the boat. The biggest was just north of 10 pounds. Hmmm, I used to consider that a really nice tog. Spoiled: better scale my expectations back a bit!
She's been evicted! The marina where the cement boat's at is putting in new fuel lines. If the weather's just right she might go down on Saturday. They got her fully loaded with heavy precast concrete units today. Looks good; I'm sure it will be more productive than if it had been barren. Shoot, it would have been productive even then. Ah well, I had hopes of it becoming a 5 star reef hotel - a unit to study. Not this time.
Talked to a fellow today that does bay and ocean research. Seems he has some old side-scan sonar data from guvmint work. (Side-scan is the real thing, not like a 'fish finder' that shows what's straight down - it angles off and can detail an awful lot of bottom in one swipe) He'd received my recent Locations of Mid-Atlantic Bight Nearshore Natural Substrates and Associated Coral Reef Communities and overlaid those coordinates on the side-scan.
Just one pass, the only pass near a set of my bearings ~ sandstone slabs painted on the side-scan where I said they would. And that, confirmation from within the scientific community, may be the spark for some serious work.
Thar's reef in them thar waters.
2007 - time to go find 'em. Lot closer than the moon - cheaper to get to...
Going Fishing.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservations 410 520 2076

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