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Fish Report 1/6/21

Fish Report 1/6/21
Going Toggin.. 
Greens only for now. 
Released Tog Count In Our Pool. 
No Live Tog Leave The Boat. 

Do you like a good old fashioned 'drop and reel' sea bass bite? How about a hot tog bite? 
That what your thinking about these tog trips? 
Yeah, umm, today's toggin/blackfishing ain't that. (Except in the rarest of occasions!) This fishery, tog fishing, was always among the hardest of my primary target species. Skunks happened, even in the "good old days." 
Now I see skilled skippers running 12 hour trips to catch what we'd have caught on the first drop years ago. 
So, Yes, good days lie ahead, but it takes fifteen to twenty years to grow these fish like my winter clients want.. Those 'rats' folks have boxed up the last ten years or so are the exact fish we wish we could set the hook on now. 
(And here was a fine history of Maryland's tog fishery and what we can do to improve its outlook that evaporated into the iPhone.. Will rewrite another day. Frustrating..)
Although I have no expectation of many hot bites in 2021, it is because the challenge of toggin is both our test & attraction -- a'Toggin we must go! 
I mean it.. I will get my head handed to me some days. And when I have a bad day, clients do too. 
Still, over the last few winters we had several of the best blackfish trips in my 40 years. Epic. That DOES NOT MEAN IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN AGAIN!! ("Ah, Capt, I thought we'd catch 20 pounders today?") Oh Mercy! I'm just glad if clients get bit!
I'm telling you here - I had many, many anglers get skunked these last few winters. 
This fishery is tough getting tougher. 
But the tug is the drug. . . 

I run Tog Trips light so anglers can move to the bite - or try too!
For those in need of the blow-by-blow catch reports, I post after every trip to facebook.

Reservations Required at 443-235-5577
Tog (Blackfish) Trips Only - Allowed zero sea bass. They're closed now.

Weather Cancellations Happen - I Make Every Attempt To Let Clients Sleep In If The Weather's Not Going Our Way..

Be a half hour early! We always leave early!
..except when someone shows up right on time.
Clients arriving late will see the west end of an east-bound boat.
With a limited number of reserved spots, I do not refund because you
overslept or had a flat..

Trips Also Announced on Facebook at Morning Star Fishing & my personal FB page along with after action (or lack thereof) reports..

Bait is provided on all trips: green crabs for tog. (Whites Are USUALLY available from crew for a reasonable cost.. Do Not Have Any Now.) 

Our Tog Pool Is By Length: A Tog That's Been Released Counts The Same As One In The Boat.

No Live Tog Leave The Boat - Dead & Bled - Period. (I Believe The Live Tog Black Market Has Hurt This Fishery ..But Nowhere Near As Much As Bad Sea Bass Regulation) As recently as 12/20 a fellow was busted with 40-some live tog in OC..
Agreed With Or Not, All Regulations Observed – Maryland: 4 Tog @ 16 Inches. I will likely cut that in a boat regulation soon. 

If You Won't Measure & Count Your Fish, The State Will Provide A Man With A Gun To Do It For You. We Measure & Count — ALWAYS — No Exceptions!

It's Simple To Prevent Motion Sickness, Difficult To Cure. Bonine
seems best because it's non-drowsy. Truly cheap & effective insurance.
Honestly - If you get to go on the ocean once month, once a year, or
even less; why risk chumming all day? Similarly, if you howl at the
moon all night, chances are good you'll howl into a bucket all day.

Bring A Cooler With Ice For Your Fish – A 48 Quart Cooler Is Fine For
A Few People. Do Not Bring A Very Large Cooler. We DO have a few
loaners - you'll still need ice.
No Galley! Bring Food & Beverages To Suit. A few beers in cans is fine for the ride home.

Except in high-summer, waterproof boots are almost a necessity unless fishing the bow - sneakers will ruin your day when the water is cold! While some rarely, or never, wear gloves for fishing, you'd not likely see me fishing this time of year w/o at least the half-finger wool gloves. Tuck a "hot hands" warmer in the palm and life is good..
Layers are best because, believe it or not, sometimes it can be very
pleasant offshore--especially when the wind lays down. In winter it's
warmer offshore owing to warmer waters. In summer it's cooler..

We have no whites at the moment. Plenty of greens. 
Covid is spiking like crazy. We cannot fish with perfect safety but I am cutting back to 12 anglers. Masks MUST be worn in the salon but not at the rail. 
Expect Long Runs!
Fishing Friday 1/08/21 6am to 4pm - $175.00.. 
Saturday will be a (too windy) reef building day with volunteers needed to help load our cement sailboat with blocks. 
Sunday & Monday 1/10/21 6am to 4pm - $175.00 - Twelve Anglers Sells Out..

May your light nudge turn into a sinker lifter.. 
Capt Monty Hawkins

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