Saturday, September 12, 2020

Reservation Line Dead!

New Reservation System..
Great Gracious Gertrude!
What in Billy Blue Blazes has 2020 in store for me now?
Well, the owner of "The Best Answer"—my reservation service these last 18 years—isn't answering my texts or emails.
His firm is also not answering my reservation line. That line is dead. He did cash a check I sent for over $2K just a few days ago—I'm in no way in arrears; never have been. My business is perfectly sound and going fishing every possible day!
If you've made a reservation or have a reschedule waiting on the list — it's good. I have the books.
If you want to make a new reservation just email me for now.
I'll take em by time stamp. Keep in mind I lose cellphone service about 9 miles offshore.
(See Fish Report 9/10/20 for open dates. Weekends in that report are sold out..)
By Tuesday 9/15 or Thursday 9/17 I'll have a new system up and running — an online smartphone system with workarounds for those who, like myself, are technologically challenged. . .
I've been privileged to have awesome reservation staff across two decades. Long time clients will think immediately of Ms. Dianne who passed last year; what a wonderful lady.. Other pleasant voices over the years include Deb, Becky, Elaine; and, most recently, Anna, Nadine & Cynthia.
When I envisioned my business model in 1984 it was about giving the more serious angler elbow room—not packing clients like sardines—and reserving their fishing spot so they didn't have to wait in line starting at 3am!
Having bought the Morning Star in late 2002, I settled on 25 spots (of a possible 40.) When forced to Social Distance for Covid, I allowed about 7.5' per angler which fills the rail at 18 souls. Turns out this spacing is much-more what I had in mind. Clients like it. I like it. My crew likes it. I'm sticking with it.
So, two major changes coming: Though I've always preferred a live answer, I'm being forced to catch up with technology — farewell humanity!
Good thing I 'know a guy..'
Then too I'll need to get my new rail numbering into my advertising.
Will be a busy time. Gonna catch some fish too.
Cheers All,

Capt Monty Hawkins

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