Sunday, May 05, 2019

Fish Report 5/5/19

Reef Report 5/5/19
Reef Dinner! Sunday May 5th!
Reef Art
..and a reef rant.

Taking Sea Bass Reservations for May 15 through June 2nd. Through July 6 opens Monday at 9am.. Have several fine young men on a path to becoming crew. Looking forward to a good sea bass season!

Where reef building is concerned we have 500 tons of precast concrete being deployed at the Bass Grounds in the coming week. Within a month I hope to have 1,200 tons of boulder nearby. A pair of small tugs will sink this summer at, and in honor of, Sue Power's Reef at Jackspot. By year's end, given funding, we'll have another large load of concrete down - that deployment at another reef site, the Queen perhaps..
We're building as fast as funding and opportunity allow.

Greetings All,
George Kalwa, a true master of the painter's pallet, will be finishing this painting at Sunday's reef dinner. Reef sponsors are gathering at Seacrets on Sunday, May 5th from 4:30 to 8 to raise reef building funds. We have an amazing assortment of wonderful donations to auction & raffle off. Live auction starts at 6:30...

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