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Fish Report 6/26/11

Fish Report 6/26/11
Luck Swings On The Bite
Going Long
Researching HR 2304, The "Fisheries Science Improvement Act"
Fishing Regular Trips Most Days - Sea Bass - $100.00 - 7 to 3.
Thursday - 6/30/11 - $225.00 Blueline Tile & Sea Bass - 3:30 AM to 7 PM - 12 people sells out. (couple spots left)
Saturday - 7/9/11 - $155 - 12 Hour Cbass/Wreck Trip - 5AM to 5PM - Reservations Required
Hi All,
From ultra-fussy to two fish getting on the same hook; From Thursday's wear-you-out 2,000 plus cbass among 15 people with a skimpy 10% keeper ratio; To today's very tough, tog-like delicate cbass bite: We've seen it this week.
One gal hooked a keeper flounder, a sea bass & a cod on two hooks..
Another day saw a slooow bite of nearly all keeper sea bass.
Sunday was just a sloooooow bite: period.
Summer fishing! There's no guessing it.
I am so very honored when someone catches their best fish with me..
Bluefin tuna have been kind in the extreme; We had yet another triple in 20 fathoms and a single only 14 miles out. For whatever reason they are eating our wood-mullet and green plastic ballyhoos trolled at hull speed: I have now caught more BFT this year than in all my years combined.
We're allowed one fish under 47 inches & 1 fish over. Haven't seen an over but tagging suits me; can always add to the data.
If we don't catch another tuna this year, we're certainly not owed.
There's a lot of charter boats -- if you want tuna, book a trip! 
But maybe.. Just maybe another kid on his first trip out will have an amazing day, Maybe another life-long bottom fisher will feel a hearty pull: Or maybe we won't see another tuna until 2013!
Cbassing with a couple fluke, still a couple cod -- tog are now quite rare..
& the odd bluefin.
Hunting blueline tiles soon--just a few trips this summer. I do dearly enjoy the deep dropping -- No Electric Reels Allowed!
Will go for golden tile another time..............
I see from the American Sportfishing Association (a manufacturing trade group) that a consortium of groups including recreational mega-groups CCA, Billfish Foundation and IGFA are endorsing a bipartisan bill, HR 2304 -- The "Fisheries Science Improvement Act."
Hmm.. Don't say..
I surely intend to learn about it.
The troubles we've had would be cured with upper management simply saying,"This can't be right" ..and then not acting as though their data were flawless. . . . . . .
If I were a sea bass fisher in southern Jersey or Delaware I'd be mighty curious about this past winter's industrial sea bass effort.
I've seen no instance of tagging where cbass would move en-mass to a new region: Habitat fidelity reigns.
I have, however, seen instances where a region's cbass were moved en-mass to market and sold.
I offer no evidence and make no assertion of any recent event: If, however, there were a multi-state convergence of winter trawl effort it would be readily apparent in the VTR catch data.
Happened here 7 years ago -- of that I'm sure. It's exactly why we ought to have regionalized quotas.
Managing reef fish such as sea bass with recreational catch data unfit for bird-cage duty and NO thought whatever given to habitat fidelity or even habitat itself has lent itself handsomely to fluctuating stocks.
To stabilize and grow reef fish stocks we'll need to do differently.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
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