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Fish Report 3/29/11

Fish Report 3/29/11
This Weekend Too
A 20 Pounder?
Going Wednesday: Cancelled Thursday - Long Cod/Tog Trip - March 30 - 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM - Going Further, Deeper - Fare $125.00 - 16 Head Sells Out -
Going Saturday - April 2 - 6:00 to 4:00 - Long Cod/Tog - $125.00   
And Sunday - April 3 - 6:30 to 3:30 - Inshore Tog with Cod More Unlikely - $100
Clams and Green Crabs Provided - Reservations Required - Call 410 520 2076 - Weather Looks Good But Leave The Best Contact Number In Case It Changes.
See http://www.morningstarfishing.com/ for reserved rail/spot positions...
As always: If everyone is 20 minutes early--We leave 20 minutes early! Be Early!
Hi All,
It appears as though my friend, Dennis, may have joined the 20 pound tog club.. Weight unofficial just yet.. Possibly a Delaware Record! Good Luck Dennis!
No, he didn't catch the fish on my boat.. He was out with a friend, Jason, who also shows us how to catch 'em from time-to-time. 
Lots & Lots & Lots & Lots of trips to get it dialed in; A very-well deserved fish.....
I may never see another cod bite like we had last Saturday; I may never see another 20 pound tog either: But I'm sure going to try!
We'll see what these next couple trips bring.
Some fishing, Some tagging, Some science, Some Dinner!  
I have to believe if people in the street can topple whole governments, then writing to representatives can topple bad data's use in the fisheries. Write to VP Biden. Google's easy. He's got to hearing some of this. If your State has Senators -- They know Biden..
Managers who must always use the official catch-estimate data really believe that ANY and EVERY oddity in the data can be explained by, "Angler effort is difficult to predict."  I believe this is a coping mechanism, a rationalization: "This data is actually pretty good; It's these squirrely fishermen that are hard to pin down."
No, MRFSS catch-estimates are impossible to predict.
That's why MRIP has been created and is being tested right now.
No one need ever experience this again, Overfishing did not occur & is extremely unlikely in a regulated recreational fishery; It is data masquerading as science that has stolen our fisheries.
Can Anyone Believe THIS Is What NJ's Private Boats Really Caught?
NJ - May/June - Sea Bass - Private Boat
Year # of Fish
2007 18,116
2008 160,799
2009 32,815
2010 234,048
iS aNGleR EFfOrT sO haRD tOo prEdIcT?
Or is the data just plain loopy; Its use unjust in the extreme..
Here's a fishery restoration idea: Reef fish need reef. If there were fifty square miles of unfished ocean containing one small reef, there would one small reef's worth of fish--That would be the population. In order to double that population of fish you would have to double the reef footprint..  
Similarly: If you started with an gigantic reef footprint and virgin fish population, then destroyed as much of that reef as possible over 6 decades; you'd have habitat in which catch restriction would only go so far toward restoration: The original reef footprint would have to be restored FIRST before fish could be restored.... 
There's a lot we can do. An awful lot.
Turning off the heat--allow logic in place of bad data; That would be first.
Going Fishing - Some sea bass trips below.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076
Sunday, May 22cnd - Long Cbass - 6:30 AM to 4 PM - Regular 25 Person Rail - $125.00
Monday thru Friday, May 23 thru 26 - Regular Cbass Trips - 7 to 3 - $100
Saturday, May 28 -- Long Cbass -- 6:30 AM to 4PM -- $125.00
Reservations Required On All Trips -- Call 410 520 2076 -- Leave Your Best Contact Number In Case Of Weather -- Clams Provided -- BYO Gulp!
See http://www.morningstarfishing.com/ for reserved rail/spot positions...
As always: If everyone is 20 minutes early--We leave 20 minutes early! Be Early!

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