Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fish Report 7/25/10

Fish Report 7/25/10
Sea Bass
Anchored on Quota
"The basic steps needed to repair severely damaged fisheries are now well recognized; the quality and area of supporting habitats must be improved and fishing effort must be reduced." Bell et al. "Advances in Marine Biology - Restocking and Stock Enhancement of Marine Invertebrate Fisheries"
Hi All,
Fishing remains precisely as it has; Nick a few keeper cbass for dinner - catch a lot of throwbacks; Now and again we box 'em up pretty good.
Flounder puzzle.. Evidence of the Yeti but nothing consistent. Teasing..
Heat's breaking. Hasn't been too bad at sea. Have to come home though!
Weather's looking good now, after Monday's wind at least..
If you accept that Bell's quote above is true, then our restoration of sea bass, a reef fish, with no factoring of reef, is plainly imbalanced. Sea bass management in the mid-Atlantic is all --and only-- about catch restriction.
No reef.
Working on a new video that encourages factoring in that habitat.
Lot of folks went to school. Get paid a guvmint wage.. I did my last video for the professional fisheries/regulatory community back in '04. It's still on YouTube. (search common seafloor habitat mid-atlantic) First one was for my Congressman in '01. I'll speak more plainly in the 2010 one..
If the solution to this fishery's restoration is well recognized, then our current system is imbalanced.
I can't leave the dock without quota, without the good fortune of having escaped MRFSS overestimates; without an 'open season'..
Once I've left the dock though we can't anchor on a size limit or recreational quota. Have to have habitat: Reef.
Fishing when we get a few folks.
Mostly making them glad they went.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
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