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Fish Report 6/14/09

Fish Report 6/14/09
Fantastic Bite & Not So Much
Hi All,
Little bit anyway. Most days sea bass were very cooperative. Not all - most.
And the keeper to throwback ratio is mostly painful.
Its one of the best Junes I've ever seen, honest. Getting 'em across that 12 1/2 mark is what's tough.
Throwbacks are the healthiest fish - plump. Hope that leads to a great spawn.
Seeing some flounder too.(aka - fluke, flatties, summer flounder) Not many keepers yet. Could have tagged 60 or 70 a few times were it not for my paperwork reduction act - stopping at 20 tags no matter what.
Fishing's generally not bad at all - just don't plan on filling freezer bags!
Snuck away to a "Marine Spatial Planning" workshop last week. (Couldn't possibly have considered going 'cept Tucker ran the boat dern near free.) The focus was on GIS mapping with pin-point precision for every layer of data that can be had.
Lots and lots of very smart people and one fisherman.
A leading scientist scoffed at the idea of reef-forming corals on clay in the canyons.
"Eh, don't dismiss it too fast" I said.
More scoffing - then:  "Look, I can't prove they grow in 600 feet, but I do have them on film in 85 feet".
"Cold Water" "Deep Water" corals..
Ba Fiddle!
Shallow nearshore corals help drive many fisheries.
Hope all this new mapping leads to their discovery!
All the things I "see" while fishing...
The slough where 'ol Hoss Hatter radioed Capt. Orie Bunting that he needed a tow. Orie finally gets there and Hoss yells over to have his passengers bait-up and drop - not really broke-down, lots of jumbo codfish..
Capt. Jim's pair of white marlin that won the tournament in '58..
Capt. Jack's white weighed in still flopping..
Passengers fishing out of cabin windows during the porgy run..
Sea trout spilling from coolers..
State record mako and what a chore getting it to the scale.....
All less than 8 miles out.
Marine Spatial Planning is about sea level rise, shipping, habitat, wind-power and oil wells. All the data that gets laid in though can give managers a highly focused look at changes over time for the fisheries.
Its an amazing tool, one that I have high hopes for.
Might allow us to "see" some Essential Fish Habitat 'round here.
Greater hope still in the newly formed MARCO.
Hope indeed.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
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