Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fish Report 11/22/08

Rail-Car deployment cancelled 'till Wednesday.
Fish Report 11/22/08
Sea Bass Trip: November 23.
Tog Trips: November 24, 25, 28, 29, 30. Tog are Closed in December.
Fish Report 11/22/08
1-1/2 Days
Reef Deployment
Best Female Reporter
Hi All,
Got out Monday and enjoyed a fine day on the water. Especially enjoyable was being joined by an old-time sea bass customer who thought he'd try the tog.
Patient and still, he was high hook & swept the pool. Though always in the reef-raffle, it was the first fish-pool he'd played in probably 15 years.
"What's so hard about this fishin'??"
Ah well..
Fished Thursday too. Sorta.
Fussy bite mastered by some; getting ready to set anchors on the third spot..
Noticed a change in the water.
Pow! 30 knots of W wind.
Ran inshore to hide behind the condos. Flat calm there. Good structure - no bites.
Raised the white flag, went in early. Sent some home with a good dinner, all with a 1/2 off coupon for another day. 
Just a few days left to fish. I moved Saturday's (22cnd) long sea bass trip to Sunday. Calling for NW 30+ today -- W @ 10 - 15 Sunday. Hope they're right as we still had sea bass inshore Thursday. Ought to be able to get a bit further off and hold our own.
Also a possibility that --weather permitting-- the next batch of NYCTA rail-cars will go down Tuesday on either the Bass Grounds or Russell's Reef. I'll mix it up: Fishing & Reef Watching. Have to be right there. This because the Reef Foundation's president is recuperating from surgery. It's my job to log locations and ensure units are within the permitted site.
My job too: put a few more tog in the freezer !
Picked up a charter for Wednesday......
Katie Couric, Robin Meade & Campbell Brown had better watch their back. Not that I'm given to bias, partiality or narrow-mindedness; this gal Jenna Wolfe would have given Cronkite a run for his money. Just cut & paste this link from the Today Show into your browser and watch this piece on the NYCTA's subway car reef program, you'll see what I mean.
To have artificial reef portrayed in such light...
Reefing isn't THE solution to our water's and fisheries' woes. Dern sure PART of the solution though.
Looking for a couple more good days on the rip.
If you do book one of these super-light rail days, leave a good phone number --a cell number-- in case of more weather.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
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