Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fish Report 8/17/08

Fish Report 8/17/08
Hard Summer
Hi All,
Thought the flounder had begun in earnest.
Then sea bass would bite.
And knowing that bass are going to be the target - drop and catch flounder.
Brutally slow some days, others very satisfying. Mostly just scratch dinner up.
Saw skill and experience fall hard to the luck of youth several times of late.
A little lady, maybe 7-8 years old, bagged up half a dozen real good bass.
Old timer gave away his ice.
Didn't need it.
Like the soon to arrive giant leatherback sea turtles; have to catch what opportunity presents - or go hungry!
Sea bass, flounder, even a few mahi in the mix.
Huge pods of bottlenose dolphin up under the beach lately. Many as 400 in a group, perhaps more, working along the coast. 
I think they're knotting up for a feeding frenzy - hunting.
I do.
Croakers are coming.
'Ol bottlenose'll lay into some croakers. I've actually seen 'em so full you could see outlines of fish on their taut bellies; their breathing labored as if after a Thanksgiving dinner.
Beautiful sight.........
We'll go croaker fishing if it gets right. I like to shoot and scoot; catch what we want and then go after reef fish.
A short report. Try to get back to a weekly routine. 
Coming: How artificial reef can positively effect flounder spawning success: And, the need for managers to break the coast into regional units for recreational size and creel regulations as well as filling commercial quotas.
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