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Fish Report 5/18/08

Fish Report 5/18/08
Still Bass/Tog
Prettiest Barge I Ever Saw
Hi All,
Doubt I ever saw water this chilly in mid-May before. Checked the buoy  Saturday morning; the temp had fallen still further; 52.6 degrees.
Bass are not terribly sensitive to temps, but there are the borders of too warm and too cold. Even then it's more a matter of fluctuation. Since we are near the low side to begin with, a dip lower makes it important.
Especially if you're out fishing for them!
Able to stay south of the worst of the cold water, we've been having high man in the mid-teens; couple tog too, which have been quite active in the chilled waters.
No blues for the charters yet; tougher sea bassing than we're accustomed too.. 
It'll change.
I anticipate warming waters and a corresponding spike in landings....
Friday the load of NYCTA rail cars were deployed on the new Jackspot reef - now the Susan J. Power Reef.
Impossible to tell the whole story in a few paragraphs; give credit where it's due. Jack and Susan Power made the donation that got this barge sited; crucial & fantastically generous! Marty Gary of MD DNR did all the back room stuff. In fact, he brought the idea home from a ASMFC/GSMFC Artificial Reef Conference and gave it life through MARI.
Then there were all the people that kept the Reef Foundation alive in the years when there weren't any 'front page' projects; stayed with the work. Folks sure seem more likely to stop and help if they see you working...
Believe this: That's a HUGE reef off there!
And there's far more to come.
An ocean of potential..
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076

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