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Fish Report 4/8/08

Fish Report 4/8/08
A couple days of fishing?
Hi All,
Weather's slapping me around as if I'd stepped into a mixed-martial arts ring..
Rather just go fishing!
And will. Opening the 10th through the 14th - Thursday to Monday, April '08.
Saturday's weather doesn't look too sporty but south winds seem less predictable.
Regular tog trips all; Boat sells out at 15 people ~ green crabs provided ~ leave at 7AM, return 3(ish) ~ State limit 4 tog at 14 inches ~ boat strongly encourages 16 inches and release of most females. Leave a phone number that works in case of cancellation.....
I bought 400 more tags; $200.00 worth. Really like to have to order more!
Rode up to Annapolis for the habitat sub-group meeting of the Fisheries Task Force. Sharp people. I mean it; these folks are on point. The Task Force should be able to get rock solid advise from them. Getting Annapolis to use that advise will be a struggle. 
Recently, I read in John Wennersten's "Chesapeake, An Environmental Biography" (super-great read if you like the genre) that the first 'Maryland Oyster Commission' was established in 1884.
Oh Boy.
Police boats with cannons that had to withdraw from the fight because of withering fire...
When law breakers were finally brought to trial, judges would give the least possible fine..
Reginald Truitt, a strong conservation advocate, urged the construction of artificial reefs for oyster habitat in the early 1920's...
The same author has another book "The Oyster Wars of Chesapeake Bay" that goes deeper. Fascinating.
And we're still dealing with it.
Not just oyster depletion; the whole panalopy of habitat degradation.
I sincerely hope the Fisheries Task Force will accomplish many goals; their 'charge up the hill' somewhat cleared by the many commissions and 'blue ribbon panels' that came before.
Starting in 1884 it seems.
The most studied estuary on the planet...
Been trying to get our marine seafloor habitat on the table for almost a decade. Reckon 124 more years might be a little late.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076

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