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Fish Report 9/9/07

Fish Report 9/9/07
Peak Flounder ~ Go away Gabrielle!
Hi All,
Thursday and Friday. Should'a been there. Nice.
Back to working for 'em on Saturday. Still, it really was awesome to see first time anglers bowed up on nice flatties ~ even keeper doubles.
The first limits were caught within 20 minutes both days; the whole boat in under two hours.
Not something to be counted on. I'd be inclined to call it a crescendo ~ the fishing increasingly better and then peaking.
Maybe not, maybe we'll see some more days like that... I wouldn't think so.
Certainly more decent fluking ahead though. Keep on splitting the day up with the croaker fishing which is up and down. Sea bass remain an occasional pleasant surprise ~ not many of them at all.
Before this 'grand finale' I had the pleasure of fishing with one of my winter tog regulars who I strongly suspect spends a great deal of time practicing his fluking. The bow to ourselves, Dennis and I, we had great fun nicking a few, dropping good fish, catching the odd skate and elusive conger eel.
Then it got serious.
A painter of flat work might own the same brushes, oils and canvas as an accomplished master, but the artistry may be many more years in the coming. Replicating, but with a self-created style, the skillfulness of color, stroke and style...
So too can there be artistry in the fishing.
He was fishing the NY/NJ Spro bucktail with teaser rig. Four different conventional rods with 4 slightly different rigs. Underhanded cast, twitch, jig, pause ~ small bounces~ hook set. Sweet.
It wasn't my turn that day, I just fished while watching the show. Caught 8 to his 18! Even though we worked 4 different spots, several customers goose egged on the flatties that day ~ others limited themselves out.
Also had the pleasure of seeing a skilled fisher get the right tools.
Given brushes suitable for barn painting, a great artist may never create a wonderful canvas. With the wrong tackle, the skilled fisher may not truly enjoy a day to it's fullest.
Trying to tell the subtle difference between a fluke taking the bait and the feel of simply dragging across structure can not be easily accomplished with heavy toggin' tackle nor a spinner more suitable for shallow water spot fishing.
A rod light in weight that carries some stiffness to the tip along with a small fast retrieve reel loaded with 20 to 30 pound micro-braid seems to get the job done best. I still like a rig that presents the bait above the bottom ~ unlike the bucktail rig that goes across it, but, in the right hands...
We'll keep trying the flounder. It'll be over before too long.
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