Monday, October 30, 2006

Fish Report 10/30/06

Fish Report 10/30/06
Working for sea bass.
Hi All,
There's only been a few days of fishing since the last report - dagoned wind won't let us be. Thursday's fishing was hampered by a pretty saucy WNW wind - a few limits, came home late. Friday we were home early on a beautiful day with limits around. The weekend was as complete a washout as could be had. Today, in beautiful weather but a strong current, we had 'bout half the folks limited and in late.
Big blues are about. When you see nice doubles of bass coming you can expect blues to crash the party!
The parking lot is filling with boats that are being hauled for winter. Pink antifreeze, the no-tox sort, is stacked up at the various marine and hardware stores. Many folks have put up their fishing gear 'till spring, and I'm waiting for the fishing to 'get right'!
It's not as good as I'd like for this time of year - but it's not bad.
I'm researching a project for -what else- local corals. Re-reading NOAA's Essential Fish Habitat Technical Memorandums for some of our local species is as exciting as it gets during a weekend's howling gale: not. But I did. And I found something I'd never seen before - Ever. From the Tautog document " were collected by Eklund and Targett (1990) and Hostetter and Monroe (1993) on hard-bottom sites 25 to 35 m in depth and 22 - 37 km off Maryland and Virginia" {NMFS-NE-118, Page 3}
That's the first mention of 'hard-bottom' in this area that I've ever seen in scientific literature. If they'd have dropped a camera down there they'd have likely seen a Caribbean-looking collection of corals and sponges. Probably some bass and lobster traps too.
Last week a fellow had some traps broken off and dragged a'ways by a trawler. The traps were set on "hard-bottom" were corals grow; the trawler must have been - had to have been - wrecking - destroying, not just someone else's gear, but the very habitat that supports the fisheries that we enjoy.
It ain't right.
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