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Fish Report 3/17/06

Fish Report 3/17/06
Hi All,
Seems like me and the weatherman ain't gettin' on so well. Hmph. He says it's gonna blow and it's beautiful - twice this week! 'Course one day he was right on about a pretty day and I was too busy thinking about paint. Now they're calling for almost a gale of clearing wind (NW) Saturday and then doable, but not fantastic, weather for awhile. OK, we'll try Sunday and Monday, March 19th and 20th and see how that plays. These tog trips are 7AM to 3PM and limited to 16 people. A variety of crabs provided...
Last weekend's fishing was mixed. I'd expect if you asked everyone aboard both days how the fishing was you'd get a range of excellent to rotten! That then, is how the fishing was. At one point Saturday a sharpy was fishing mid-ship stb side and catching every drop. Around him they were just picking one once in a while. Fair's fair though, his Gal had wiped everyone's eye - especially his, in the first drops of the day. Saturday saw some good tag returns too - the rarest of the rare - a tog over 25 inches. The fish was recaptured on the same wreck it was originally released at, as was another 17 1/2 inch recapture. That 25 1/2 inch fish, a female, was retagged and let go again!
On Sunday two fellows that enjoy going quite a bit were aboard; in fact, the big tog recapture was initially one of theirs. Old Man Murphy must have been camped out in one of'ems cooler. One had 'high hook' (most fish caught) and two of the three biggest fish. The other? Well, he didn't get skunked!
Point is, when you're tog fishing the old "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award" (from the TV show "Laugh-In" - couple/three/four decades back - my apologies to you youngsters) may be yours to keep for a day. Skill is important, yes - but if it's not your turn...
The pool winner Sunday (also won the reef raffle) was an awesome 27 1/2 inch male just shy of 13lbs. I'd anticipate that the fish would have gone 15+ in a few months; he was lean from the winter.
So, how was the fishing last weekend? Depends who you ask!
Here's the weather link that I use; local marine forecast. Lots of westerlies - should be able to make that work.
The boat has her annual USCG safety inspection on Thursday. I don't try to just pass ~ I try to Wow 'em! As with any inspection though, you don't know 'till it's over. She'll exceed every safety regulation that I can think of!
Have a safe St. Patrick's weekend.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
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