Sunday, November 24, 2019

Fish Report 11/24/19 - A Quicky..

Fish Report 11/24/19 - A Quicky..

Monday & Tuesday Look Great!!
Weather has moderated considerably for Monday. Have a super light rail and a super hot sea bass bite - & now a super pretty day.. Even had one guy catch 7 scup plus his limit of cbass Saturday! Sailing 6:30ish..
Have had to cancel Wednesday's (11/27/19) Long Trip for weather. Had Tuesday held in reserve for just such an event.
Folks already on the reservation list have had first crack at it but PLENTY of spots left for Tuesday Sea Bass Trip 6:30 to 3:30 - $125.00. for more
info - 410-520-2076 for Reservations.

Saturday was a nice day to drop our 28,000th reef block. Been not quite a decade I think. Couple dozen a day - adds up.
Now we're dropping a reef pyramid unit or two every trip also. Saturday was also the first time we'd tried stitching two pyramids together w/9 heavy duty wire ties. Sure looks as though it'll work, especially when deckhands Tanner & Jonah get it dialed in.
Saturday's drop was at Doug Ake's Memorial Reef where we now have 3,906 blocks & 6 reef units.
Although there's been a delay in pyramid mold production, my hope is to have OCRF pyramid molds at numerous concrete construction & precast plants to take advantage of waste product - turn what would have been shot on the ground while cleaning and instead make coral or oyster reef substrate.
Have had keen interest from industry. My crew can assemble, hand-mix concrete, & fill two pyramid molds in less time than it takes me to assemble one reef ball mold.
Speed of assembly is important if asking people in industry to spend precious man hours on reef building.

Was out yesterday - a gorgeous calm Saturday (11/23/19) - just 7 fish shy a complete sold-out boat limit. I would anticipate other sea bass boats had very good action as well.
Among 4 Party/Charter boats out fishing on this nearly flat calm November Saturday we saw one (1) Private Boat which might have been targeting sea bass - maybe.
I'm thinking it's even more lopsided the further north you go..

Working on catch estimates this blustery Sunday. A LOT of fish 'die' from Private Boat effort this time of year -- statistically. But not really. Not at all really.
They sure count against our quotas for real though.
If we see almost no Private Boat effort offshore down here this time of year, how are these for incredibly unlikely up there?

New York Sea Bass Nov/Dec Only..

Delaware Sea Bass Nov/Dec Only..

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