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Fish Report 11/12/13

Fish Report 11/12/13 
Cbass Biting. 
Tog Not So Much. (yet) 
MREP Teaches Those Involved 

Inshore Tog Trip Thursday, November 14th – 7 to 3 – $110.00 - Twelve Anglers Sells Out - Green Crabs Provided. (Cancelled Thursday's cbass trip for weather – now it looks fine, west @ 15..) 

Going Long — Sea Bass — 5:30 AM to 4 PM — Monday, November 18th — 21 Anglers Sells Out (and unlikely) — $150.00 — High Probability Of Bites On The Jig. 

All Of November Is Open For Sea Bass Reservations. Will Open December Trips Via Email Only.. 
Reservations Required at 410-520-2076 

Sailing Daily – Including Sundays (When Weather Allows!) 

Reservations For Sea Bass Trips at 410 - 520 - 2076. 
New-To-The-Boat Clients can see much more info at http://morningstarfishing.com    
And, From Coastal Fisherman, See Our "Show You Around The Boat" Video (many regulars have pics in it).  http://www.coastalfisherman.net/charter-info.cfm?c=9861A6B2-3048-71C2-1762E62F1DFB4D0B  

Bring A (not terribly big) Fish Cooler With ICE For Your Party.. A 48 or 54 QT Cooler Is Good For 2 Guys. Even Now You Should ICE Fresh Fish.. 

Eight Hour trips $110.00 - 7AM to 3PM – Saturdays 6AM to 3:30PM - $125.00 
LEAVE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE CONTACT NUMBER - Weather Cancelations Are Common - I Make Every Attempt To Let Clients Sleep In If The Weather's Not Going Our Way.. 

Be A Half Hour Early - We Like To Leave Early.
Clients Arriving Late Will See The West End Of An East Bound Boat.. (Captains Arriving Late Will See Disappointed Clients!)

If You Won't Measure & Count Your Fish The State Will Provide A Man With A Gun To Do It For You. We Measure & Count — ALWAYS — No Exceptions!

A Gift From Tom Jackson, There Are Three Jimmy Jackson Prints – Numbered 1 of 1, 2013 –  on display & set up as silent auctions at Ake Marine, Ocean City Fishing Center & Sunset Marina. Stunning. Proceeds To Ocean City Reef Foundation, a tax deductible 501c3.. Auction Ends December 15th @ 5PM..  
7,788 "Oyster Castle" reef blocks by the rail – 2,366 at Jimmy's Reef – 1,396 at Ake's – Now 144 at Lindsey Power's and counting! 
See ocreefs.org if you'd care to help fund the next truckload, or snailmail a check – any check! 

Trying to keep a large selection of OCRF long-sleeve & ss t-shirts aboard..  

Greetings All, 
Very good fishing of late. 
Saturday's bite odd, but we came out of it with pool contestants pushing 5 pounds and many folks with cbass numbers in the mid-teens. 
Other days we've had some clients limited. 
Veterans' Day offered one of the best bites in recent memory. I caught many doubles fishing a 5 ounce jig with a single hook at each end.. When you catch 2 sea bass on one jig: They're chewing. 

Cancelled Sunday past's sea bass trip for high west winds. Called the night before, clients were offered an inshore tog trip instead. 
Twelve folks took me up on it. We tagged 30 shorts & let others go with a 3rd fin rip. Did not have many keepers – maybe dinners around, maybe.. 
When 30+ knot winds cranked up I headed for the barn with a partial trip credit for all. 
Westerlies for this coming Thursday's tog trip look far kinder, will let me get a little further out.. 

I attended an educational seminar last January in Baltimore, the MREP 100 Fishery Science Module. 
These "Marine Resource Education Program" seminars are top-shelf. I would absolutely, without question, advise everyone interested & involved with fisheries management to apply for this January's 3 day event. 
They put you up and feed you well, then give you interactive lectures from the East Coast's best & brightest fishery scientists.. 
This isn't advanced level work — there's no trig or calculus — its fishery science 101. 
The presenters were, however, very well prepared to answer, or at least consider, everything I asked about or argued with. 
Truly our best & brightest. 
If you are involved with fishery management on a voluntary basis — grab this opportunity! 
(if there's one spot left I'm going again..) 

Among many 'ah ha!' moments; it was at that January conference during Dr. Jon Hare's presentation when I realized our 'greening waters' were unique; that because the Labrador current was at its weak nearshore & most southerly terminus while the most powerful ocean current of all was steered offshore below Hatteras: our waters were stuck in an eddy.. 
Our once-blue and now green Mid-Atlantic ocean is in an ocean eddy behind the Gulf Stream & feed by over-nutrified estuarine outflows. 
That's why guys fishing out of, say; Stuart, Florida are still catching billfish where their grandfathers did, while here, in the Mid-Atlantic above Cape Hatteras, a fisher today has to run 50 miles further offshore to find white marlin than those fishing in the 1940s & 50s.. 

I don't think we'll find much support for re-routing part of the Gulf Stream behind Hatteras so as to better flush the southern Mid-Atlantic Bight. Instead, we'd better encourage methods of oyster restoration that work, not the same spat on shell that hasn't built a reef anywhere in almost a century.. 

Some are looking into this notion of 'blue sea turned green' and are finding no data to back it up - nothing. No scientist can argue from data that the Mid is greening faster than the South Atlantic or anywhere else 
..but if you ask an old-time billfisherman he'll tell you, "The Blue Water's Gone." 
There are airplane pilots who watched it happen too. 
Like my assertions of lost nearshore corals; of a temperate, zooanthellae-based reef ecology that has been neither 'found' nor studied by science & therefore cannot possibly have a fish habitat restoration plan; Our only path of discovery lies in fishing's history. 

If We Are To Honestly Leave Fishing Better Than We Found It; If We Are To "Restore" Our Fisheries In Full—Or Even Beyond, We Must Know What's Missing: Discovering What Was Is Vital. 


Capt. Monty Hawkins 
Partyboat Morning Star
Ocean City, MD

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