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Fish Report 7/9/12

Fish Report 7/9/12
The Shifting
Another Letter
Sea Bass Fishing 7 to 3 Everyday - Longer on Saturdays - Keeping Most Sundays Open In Summer For Research & Different Trips - Plenty Of Spots Open - Reservations Required On All Trips @ 410 520 2076 - We Obey All Regulations Whether We Agree With Them Or Not: We Always Count & Measure - Bring Food & Beverage Plus A Cooler & Ice For Your Party's Fish* - Dramamine The Night Before Is Cheap Insurance - Be Early, We Like To Leave Early; Rarely In On Time..
*Cheap Styrofoam Coolers Rarely Survive All Day - A 48 QT Igloo Works Great
Fishing 12 Hours on Sunday, July 15 - Long Run & Deep - Sea Bass, No Tiles (no flounder either!) - $175.00 - 5 AM to 5 PM - 10 People Sells Out.
Long Boat Ride - Any Fish Caught Trolling Split Amongst All.
No Electric Reels On Any Trip - Ever. Hydraulic Winch For Anchors Only.
Hi All,
Sea bass numbers are falling off, but size seems increased; have seen some very good fishing this week.
Of late emphasis has shifted to flounder..
Had several MD limits on Saturday and a couple flatties pushing 5 pounds on Monday.
Mixed-up, can't tell what's going to chew -- same wrecks/reefs I've always fished -- can't predict it -- Sending Folks Home With A Couple Dinners Worth Of Fish Though.
Now: If you only want sea bass or only want flounder watch what's in the rack-barrel (fish cleaning barrel) to see what day you should have gone..
Boys caught a lot more than dinner on my 8 person insanely-long trip Sunday; must have frozen some of their catch.. Hit a little patch of rocky bottom that I found on another trip - nice. MD limit of blueline tiles & plenty of cbass - saw white marlin, had 2 mystery run-offs - yellowfin tuna ate a wooden-mullet trolling home.
Pretty sure the youngster who caught a 5 pound flounder today was just as happy as Dae when Tucker gaffed that yellowfin.. Positive that's what we're here for.
Catching sea bass & flounder -- Summer Fishing.
See letter below.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076
Governor O'Malley, Secretary Griffin,
Men, I was far offshore two weeks ago dropping down the steep clay face of a canyon wall catching golden tilefish in 750 feet of water when a blue marlin swam by -- Positively Majestic.
Yesterday I was catching blueline tiles overtop a reef in 50 fathoms when several white marlin appeared.
Used to be those billfish were an awful lot closer to shore..
A skipper I spoke with had sailed from OC the year after the inlet was cut, was fishing in 1934 as the jetties were being built. He'd put out his marlin baits 4 miles off the beach then troll from Great Gull Shoal toward Fenwick Shoal - Catching Billfish Within Sight Of The Beach.
Another skipper won the Marlin Club tournament with fish caught 8 miles off the beach in 1958. Yes, he often fished the Jackspot too - that's about 20 miles out.
In 1969 a friend put 2 marlin on the dock: One was still alive. They were caught 5 miles out.
Another skipper, then a mate, remembers marlin, "Stacked up like a school of menhaden" about 25 miles out..
Skippers today rarely put baits in the water until they're 60 miles out at canyon's edge.
I've asked many old-timers, 'Why are marlin further & further out?'
Each and every single one replied, "There's No Blue Water, The Water's Gone."
A retired airplane pilot -flew a run to Orlando for 30 years- said he watched blue water turn green during his career.
Bio-filter's broken.
The ocean grows greener, not more blue.
No Amount Of Fishing Regulation Can Ever Restore Ocean City As The White Marlin Capitol Of The World
..but reef restoration can.
Go Look At The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Reef Sites (in the Chesapeake) - Hatchery oysters planted on the bottom have died; but wild-spat oysters grow, perhaps thrive, on the reef's vertical concrete surfaces.
Paving the bottom with shell hasn't worked in over a century - won't now either: Build Big Rock Reefs - Large Substrates Have More Vertical Surface...
Bargeloads of Granite & Limestone can restore white marlin to traditional inshore grounds.
Never, Ever, has Maryland been in better position to start building than now.
Shell lays flat.
Live oysters are vertical.
Big substrates will work.
Put Maryland Quarries, Maryland Tugs & Barges, Maryland Trucks To Work - The Entire East Coast Will Benefit.
Whole lot of "Can't" out there concerning oysters.
Can To.
Build Big Rock Reefs And You'll Begin Real Oyster Reef Restoration.
Cheers Men,
Monty Hawkins

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