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Fish Report 7/5/11

Fish Report 7/5/11
Cbass Bite
Blueline Tiles Too 
Of Carrots & Dramamine 
Fishing Regular Trips Most Days - Sea Bass - $100.00 - 7 to 3.
Saturday - 7/9/11 - $155 - 12 Hour Cbass/Wreck Trip - 5AM to 5PM - Reservations Required
Hi All,
Been some fine fishing of late; the catching.
Lot of throwing back, but it certainly makes a dinner or three.
Our blueline/cbass trip was among my best trips ever. I believe we'll have a new state record blueline tile from it when the dust settles.. There is no current record; Maryland just included the species in their citation program this year. Jermaine Dickerson's 34 1/2 inch, 15.4 pound blueline will make a fine start -- It's the biggest I've ever seen.
We'll see if it gets certified.
On regular trips we've had some of our best cbass days this season, even catching keeper cbass on carrots.
Yes, carrots; the pre-washed, pre-peeled kind.
No, I wouldn't advise stocking up on them, or soaking them in Gulp Alive juice: The bite was just on.
Then off come July 4th; They bit first thing & again late. On the 5th we started hot--stayed hot--then finished cold. There was a peculiar presentation sea bass would eat even after the bite shut down -- I was catching double throwbacks, another fellow single dandies; Everyone else was done-for.
But had a fine mess for dinner.
Two of the last nine days we had a good sign of flounder too.. Not yet, but soon. 
Tunas are now being caught by tuna fishers.
Sure was nice getting lucky for a while..
Capt. Mark of the Fish Bonz has spanked the yellowfins offshore of late. He even caught a 100 pound bluefin on a 1/2 day trip a couple miles from me today. Another yellow boat, Capt. Danny's "Finchaser" has been putting bluefin on the dock too..
Check out this video to see what's going on behind the bait.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRvybj6bCHM&feature=player_embedded 
Been some crazy-good fishing & an occasional head-thump...
In summer we often carry folks who came with a more regular fisher. Please advise this simple & inexpensive trip insurance: Dramamine!
Great Scott!
Take any motion remedy the night before and put the 'tired' part of it to advantage. Then take 1/2 of one in the AM and another 1/2 at about 9:30 -- Very, very few over the years have lost a day doing that.
A great many, however, have thought, "Oh, if Jim never gets sick, I'll be fine" ..and then pray God all day for the shade of any tree.
Preventative medicine works. Bravado not so much.
Fishing's challenging enough without seasickness.
Below is a letter I sent my Congressman.
The pic was by Capt. Rick Younger on our recent 36 hour deepwater coral trip..
Garden squash broiled w/olive oil & Italian seasoning, Fresh sliced knock-your-socks-off tomato, Sweet-sweet corn--the dew wiped off that morning & a big plate of fried sea bass..
That and setting the alarm at 3AM to change engine oil before a fishing trip make it Summer.
Cheers All,
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076
.. Many are so certain of fisheries data --never more than an estimate-- that they will ignore the simplest biology: As a country we are 'restoring' fisheries simply by catch restriction.
The reasoning seems sound, that fish will reproduce and refill the void: Until some grasp of habitat loss is held.
Unfortunately far deeper than can be covered in a simple email; I assert that an understanding of what's missing is implied by the word restoration-- That we'll 'restore' what's been lost.
Presently we are attempting to restore our reef fish as if a terrestrial equivalent were tasked with restoring squirrels to a Nebraska wheat field, yet never thought of a tree.
On June 20th at 2 AM we were videoing a reef off the coast of MD in 120 feet of water. Probably the single greatest marine benthic ecologist in the Mid-Atlantic sat mesmerized as cod, sea bass, lobster, two types of coral & numerous other growths played across the screen..
Until that trip, the only rocks, and therefore corals, he'd ever seen were in 100-plus fathoms.
We were filming from my boat; a boat that was very nearly bankrupted when recreational catch estimates held MA, NY, NJ private boaters had--each state individually--outcaught the whole coasts' partyboat fleet combined: Data treated with impossible surety, the sea bass fishery was closed by emergency action ..and my life's work almost lost.  
Attached is a picture we shot at about 2:30 AM. The video is awesome.
Men, No One -- Nobody -- can look at this picture and tell if the reef is artificial or natural..
Rolling rocks off a barge can make jobs now and sustainable resource use for centuries--millennia--to come.
Water & Rocks Make Reef.
Reefs Make Fish.
We'll need them for restoration.

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