Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fish Report 9/30/09

Fish Report 9/30/09
Cbass biting
Cbass closed - soon
Hi All,
Not sure if its Monday midnight or Sunday midnight, but black sea bass are then closed for 180 days north of Cape Hatteras.
This situation is fouled up beyond all repair.
Not a State decree, its Federal.
That they might find courage to exercise their duty to find, protect and enhance essential fish habitat rather than iron-fist those who have obeyed their regulations.
A population of fish does not fall from the sky, it is a product of its environment; reef in this case. 
Fascinating that people paid very well to manage this fishery know nothing of that environment.
When cbass close I will - must - turn to tautog fishing.
I fully expect that saving sea bass that don't need saving will create a situation where tog desperately need saving. Might already.
More on toggin' later.
More on all of this later.
Couple days of cbass left..
Weeding smalls, triggers - best I can do. Actually, its often quite good if you're not set on a limit.
Relic of another time; watch for my handmade gunning decoys on eBay soon.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
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