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Fish Report 11/22/08

Fish Report 11/22/08
Sea Bass Trip: November 23.
Tog Trips: November 24, 25, 28, 29, 30. Tog are Closed in December.
Fish Report 11/22/08
1-1/2 Days
Reef Deployment
Best Female Reporter
Hi All,
Got out Monday and enjoyed a fine day on the water. Especially enjoyable was being joined by an old-time sea bass customer who thought he'd try the tog.
Patient and still, he was high hook & swept the pool. Though always in the reef-raffle, it was the first fish-pool he'd played in probably 15 years.
"What's so hard about this fishin'??"
Ah well..
Fished Thursday too. Sorta.
Fussy bite mastered by some; getting ready to set anchors on the third spot..
Noticed a change in the water.
Pow! 30 knots of W wind.
Ran inshore to hide behind the condos. Flat calm there. Good structure - no bites.
Raised the white flag, went in early. Sent some home with a good dinner, all with a 1/2 off coupon for another day. 
Just a few days left to fish. I moved Saturday's (22cnd) long sea bass trip to Sunday. Calling for NW 30+ today -- W @ 10 - 15 Sunday. Hope they're right as we still had sea bass inshore Thursday. Ought to be able to get a bit further off and hold our own.
Also a possibility that --weather permitting-- the next batch of NYCTA rail-cars will go down on Tuesday on either the Bass Grounds or Russell's Reef. I'll mix it up: Fishing & Reef Watching. Will be right there. Have to: this because the Reef Foundation's president is recuperating from surgery. It's my job to log locations and ensure units are within the permitted site.
My job too; put a few more tog in the freezer !
Picked up a charter for Wednesday......
Katie Couric, Robin Meade & Campbell Brown had better watch their back. Not that I'm given to bias, partiality or narrow-mindedness; this gal Jenna Wolfe would have given Cronkite a run for his money. Just cut & paste this link from the Today Show into your browser and watch this piece on the NYCTA's subway car reef program, you'll see what I mean.
To have artificial reef portrayed in such light...
Reefing isn't THE solution to our water's and fisheries' woes. Dern sure PART of the solution though.
Looking for a couple more good days on the rip.
If you do book one of these super-light rail days, leave a good phone number --a cell number-- in case of more weather.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
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