Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fish Report - Special Trip

Fish Report - Special Trip       
Hi All,
A rare opportunity..
The first deployment of the NYCTA rail cars is scheduled for Tuesday May 13th.
Reef building is not something easily scheduled. You haven't really met Mr. Murphy 'till you've tried to build marine reef..
Still, I have 22 spots open for Tuesday.
Nick a few fish - watch a reef getting built.
No limits, but we are seeing far more cbass.
Sounds like a plan.
Tickets are $150.00 for this trip - the extra goes back to the Reef Foundation.
If the deployment gets delayed and we don't see them go over - tough! The extra goes to the Reef Foundation!
If weather forces my trip to cancel - refunds or reschedules.
The Reef Dinner was packed tonight! We've got over 10 square miles of permitted bottom that we can build on - it's all about funding...
See you on the rail??
Fish Report 5/4/08
Flounder on a Diet
Ocean City Reef Foundation Dinner Wednesday
Hi All,
Thursday; nice bass and tog mix, Friday almost all tog, Saturday mostly bass, Sunday a mix of bass and tog.
It's going to bust loose soon. Rare tog, more bass. Usually all bass.
The fishing was hardly 'red hot' this week, but it had it's moments. When the bass cooperated high man would have 12 or 14. Some of the tog action, particularly Sunday, was epic; the kind of bite few have witnessed.
Didn't last long. Sure was fun..
Then there was the lonely flounder that Pam caught. 8 1/2 pounds. Good fish but skinny. Should have gone 12 pounds. Hope it was that particular fish's problem; not an indication of things to come as the singles species management style we currently use grows the stock out to immense proportion.
Everything has to eat. Managers need to begin some sort of prey assessment as 'ecosystem management' is still a long ways off.
Also had a pair of cod. Not ling, aka red hake: these were the true cod, Gadus morhua, that once helped drive our young nation's economy. As I heard it, 1974 was the last year that Ocean City had regular trips scheduled for them. (read Mark Kurlansky's "Cod" - should be required reading to fish in the ocean. May have to reread it myself.)
Something as fun to catch and tasty as these fish should be a priority, and are. In fact, they are a major source of much of the seafloor habitat work that's been ongoing.
They have to eat; ours were full of small scup/porgy.
Wish they'd come back too.
Don't know what the year will hold. I've not seen any unusual amounts of juvenile cbass in the last few years.
As I often say; acorns before oaks.
More reef - more acorns growing...
Ocean City Reef Foundation - The Dinner - Hall's Restaurant 61st Street Bayside - 5 to 8 - Very Casual. The Hall family has been incredibly generous with this event for over a decade. Their restaurant, food and staff donated without charge to help build better fishing and scuba diving off the coast.
A lot of great fishing tackle - all manner of stuff in the silent, chinese & live auctions.
I bought 2 'Morning Star Approved' rods & reels for the event and am kicking in some tickets as well.
Most of the tackle shops kick in some great outfits. There will be lots and lots of stuff!
All you can eat Italian - $15.
Better fishing than ever - Priceless.
The only thing about artificial reef that's not natural is the substrate.
We've a lot of work to do.
Bring some folding money and the checkbook...
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076

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