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Fish Report 10/28/07

Fish Report 10/28/07
Soda-Pop &
Hi All,
Everyday we got our lines in the water was great. Um well, that is we had one really fine day on the water and 6 weather cancellations.
Getting caught up on maintenance is one thing, Q-tip cleaning & oiling the inside of the socket heads...
Ready for the weather to break!
The NE winds peaked on Thursday afternoon. A steady 35 with gusts to 40 knots had the seas kicked up to over 14 feet. 'Nother low pressure then a high - blew south with the heavy rains then back around north again.  Looks fine for Tuesday.
The news is that the water temperature has dropped about 5 degrees. Should keep sliding down.
I'm certain we'll find different fishing when we get back out ~ hope it's a positive sea bass sort of change!
My favorite Uncle joined me Monday and we tested the 'better brushes' theory of bottom fishing ~ that using superior tackle yields better results. Often seen at the rail, he usually holds his own against the prevailing luck ~ catches as well as anyone. A suite of rods ready to start the day; he chose my brand new 7 1/2 ft. St. Croix.
Five flounder in the boat before I'd caught one... I dropped subtle hints that maybe I'd like to try the new stick too. You know, "Hey, can we switch rods now?" But he just wasn't picking up what I was putting out... Took a fancy to it I guess.
Fishing tackle, all of it ~the rod, reel, line, rig, bait, lure~ is important, no doubt. But then I suppose confidence is more so. So many times I have seen people convinced that they weren't going to get a bite do exactly that - Nothing. Have 'em wind up to check their hooks, line, change bait, show 'em a different way to hold the rod ~ magic! Fish On.
Many years ago when I was working deck on the old Angler, one of the bartenders at the restaurant had put together the 'Lady Anglers Fishing Club'. All waitresses on summer break; 'twas a welcome sight to have them coming down the dock in the AM I'll promise. As weeks went by they started getting pretty serious about the catching; they were getting good at it.
In those days we'd switch to sea trout, small spike trout, by mid-August. A little more of a feel to 'em than sea bassing -not unlike the flounder fishing the last few months- you had to jig the bait and then let it settle to get bites.
Also this particular summer we had the same soda delivery week after week. OK for the Coke but the orange and grape sodas were stacking up. Cases and cases piled high.
So while trout fishing a group of very attractive young women are out-catching some grumpy old guys in a big way. One guy sez, "You're givin'em special bait".
Nope ~ they'd been practicing.
He started on me again, really irritated. So I jokingly popped a can of grape soda and poured a little on the girls' bait.
Now he'd caught me! Grumpy bought a can, poured some on his bait and started catching fish. Ran out of sodas.
True story.
Sold all that orange and grape before the season was over.
Simply confidence. Believing that there will soon be an opportunity...
Better have your gear right too!
Looking forward to a spell of good weather.
See you on the rail,
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
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