Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fish Report 9/23/07

Fish Report 9/23/07
Weather & Slowly Coming Around
Hi All,
Earlier in the week we had a fantastic run of tool boxes, spare parts, soiled rags and worn-out scrub brushes.
It's the yachting life. Bad weather -just on the edge- not a hurricane or even a decent Nor'easter, but a slightly too heavy flow of northerly wind kept us in for 5 days. Rats.
Finally did get out on Thursday -eh, not so good. A little better sign of sea bass that day.
Friday and Saturday were just fine. Really nice fishing ~ a fall mix of croakers, pan sized blues, flounder and sea bass.
Nothing easy about it; we certainly weren't counting fish, except flounder ~ it isn't so tough to count to four! The croakers were better sized and numerous. Folks had all they wanted.
Sea bassing improved after the mini-blow. Read improved. I did not say 'turned on' or 'caught limits'. 
Pretty much still flounder fishing -couple dandies up to 8 lbs.- with a shot of croakers on the way out or in. We are catching more cbass per cooler than we were getting on the whole boat a few weeks ago. That's a big improvement ~ though not what a dyed in the wool bass fisher would like! It's slowly coming around.
Wind? Ol' Man Murphy must have stayed up late putting Sunday's weather together.
Nary a bit of air ~ forecast 5 to 10N increasing to 10 to 15N in the late morning. Great crowd of regulars and a few youngsters, "Tie 'er loose, let's go!"
By five miles out I knew there was some addition needed to bring the forecast into focus. From flat calm seas were building fast -but not with that ominous steady increase that screams "go home." More like a "gee, the mates are going to have to keep a careful eye on the heads" kind of thing. Anchored. Nicking a precious few.
Then it came on, gusting close to 25.
Move inshore, see if we can catch a few croakers before pulling the plug on the day. Box enough to make a couple fish frys - OK bite.
Wind lays down.
Back offshore.
Wind picks up! What a pain in the anatomy... Died completely as we were pulling anchors ~ gorgeous ride home
Ended the day in good shape with croakers, sea bass & flounder.
And hope to keep doing so!
See you on the rail,
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservations 410 520 2076

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