Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fish Report 5/1/07

Fish Report 5/1/07
First Sea Bass Limits
Reef Foundation Dinner Wednesday, 5/2/07 ~ 5 to 8 ~ Hall's Restaurant
Hi All,
I had a special tog trip today. Tried to finish the season with a bang ~ fizzled...
We did have one at 15 pounds and a precious few others. When the current quit so did the bite - for the rest of the day!
But there were these other critters; surprisingly many of 'em. Ken G. was the first to limit-out on sea bass aboard my rig for '07.
A few others limited out today too.
You can carve this in stone - a few limits one day doesn't mean it's going to be great fishing all the time!
I remember a few years ago when I tried hard to catch someone a sea bass limit by the end of April. Twenty two, twenty four, lots of 16s & 18s. Those "disappointingly low" numbers were some of the best for the year! 
Anyway, today was sure a sign. There are sea bass moving inshore!
And, that unsung fantastic fishery recovery story ~greater in number than ever before~ the spiny dog shark, is coming in with 'em! Bitter with the sweet...
I hope we have to count a lot of fish this year - we do count & measure.
The Reef Foundation dinner ~ I don't recall how long it's been going on; pushing ten years I suppose. The Hall family donates the whole shebang ~ food, staff, use of their restaurant ~ it's fantastically generous!
Local businesses donate a ton of stuff for the auctions and raffles. It's a good time. Might even see a Morning Star ticket or two...
I could go on -have gone on- forever about how reef building can change fishing for the better. Yesterday we got caught off the beach in gusts to 37 knots (forecast 15 to 20...) Picked up anchors and hid behind the shoreline on an artificial reef. Nice. Tagged 'bout 25 tog on a spot that wasn't there too long ago.
Every piece we put out adds to the footprint. At some point -a distant point- there will be enough reef that the fishing just seems simple.
And the kids will think we're telling 'walking to school' uphill both ways, barefoot, in the snow stories...
Be a great thing.
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
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