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Fish Report 2/15/07

Fish Report 2/15/07
Cold Fishing!
Hi All,
To have had a camera Saturday last!
I'd been working on the boat the previous day and left the engines in gear to break up the ice in the marina. 
Getting underway the next morning we found all the ice had piled up at the mouth of the facility. Oh, for a picture as we broke through it!
Wasn't all that - could've easily broken through it with a duck hunting scow. Still, a shot for the wall...
That morning I'd seen the constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown - my daughter calls that one 'the smiley'. Just like Orion before a summer's dawn, it means a season change is coming, though perhaps not fast enough!
Anyway, we did get out the 3 days. Cold, frustrating, missed bites, dropped fish, difficulty anchoring in changing wind and current ~ some great fish in the box and tagged dandies back over the rail too! One fellow, a man who is clear about the tog he wants to catch, kept a fish of about 17 pounds and tagged a female 27 3/4 inches - just north of 16 pounds. Great fish by any definition, but not the fish he's looking for. Others share a similar goal ~ including this captain!
For the 3 days there were 33 tagged under 20 inches and 27 tagged over 20 inches, most of which occurred on Sunday's trip. Two were sublegal and we had 2 tag returns. Less than 1/2 of the anglers took 5 fish limits home.
We'll go again, but be forewarned! The water temperature is hovering close to where tog become lethargic and very difficult to coerce into taking a bait. A really bad day is a possibility - always is I suppose!
The forecast for the coming days is a slightly breezy SW to NW with daytime highs in the upper 30's. There's no heat on the boat while underway: dress appropriately with waterproof boots ~ then add another layer and bring spare gloves!
2/17 to 2/20 Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday -7 to 3 -  10 people sells out the rail. Crabs provided. You're welcome to bring your own too.
February 20th is the deadline for comment on the White Marlin Status Review. Back to work on that project. Seafloor habitat's production of FOOD ties it all together - just need to find out how!
Capt. Monty Hawkins
Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservations 410 520 2076
Atlantic Coast - NOAA Fisheries Seeking Information on the Status of While Marlin

NOAA Fisheries has initiated a status review for Atlantic white marlin. To support this status review, NOAA is soliciting information relevant to the status of and threats to the species, including, but not limited to:

1) historical and current abundance and distribution;
2) potential factors for the species' decline;
3) rates of capture and release of the species from both recreational and commercial fisheries;
4) post-release mortality;
5) life history information (size/age at maturity, growth rates, fecundity, reproductive rate/success, etc.);
6) morphological and molecular information to assist in determining taxonomy of this species and congeners;
7) threats to the species; and
8) any ongoing conservation efforts for the species.

Information regarding the status of and threats to the Atlantic white marlin must be received by February 20, 2007. Send to <> .

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